Bridge TD

                                                                                                  A Tournament Director on your Smartphone or Tablet!







Available for Android phones and Amazon Kindles.  Unfortunately BridgeTD is no longer available for Apple products, and is no longer offered on the appstore.  Earlier purchases of BridgeTD will continue to work on iPhone and iPAD, on older versions of the iOS.

Bridge TD is an application to help Bridge players resolve the most common problems which arise at the bridge table. A series of quick Yes/No questions presented on your smartphone or tablet computer rapidly results in an explanation of the remedy (if any) and any action to take. The app is based on the World Bridge Federation (WBF) Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017.

Bridge TD covers the cases of Exposed Card, Revoke, Insufficient Bid, Call out of turn, Lead out of turn, and Penalty Card.













Bridge TD will be useful for:

 Bridge TD is produced with the permission of the World Bridge Federation, but is not in any way connected with the WBF or endorsed by them.

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